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October 8, 2011

FUN! Steven George and the Dragon

Steven George & The Dragon by Nathan Everett
Published March 2011 by NWE Signatures LLC
ISBN 2940012395009
Read October 2011

I picked this book up during ArmchairBEA. It was being given away free to all the participants. At the time, I had just gotten my Nook and was still excited to fill it up with books (I'm still excited, but a bit more choosy). While now I might have bypassed the book (from the description it isn't my kind of book), I am so glad that I did not. It was such a fun read!

The only fairytales I've ever read were the ones that Disney or Golden Books rewrote. I remember learning  when I was in fourth grade that a lot of the fairytales had longer versions (and numerous versions). Often these weren't suitable for young children. Did you know there is a version of Cinderella that has the stepsisters cutting off their toes and heels to fit into the glass slipper?

Steven George and the Dragon is perfect for any age, though its length probably makes it better for older children with longer attention spans. I loved that it was just kind of frivolous. You know I read a lot of realistic dramas and this was such a nice break. Even better than what I usually turn to in the light & fluffy genre.

Steven George comes from a society that trades stories as currency. As he starts off his journey to slay the dragon, the stories of his hat become embellished, kind of like the big fish stories fisherman tell. He meets interesting characters along the way (Steven George is quite naive to the ways of the world as his village is very isolated), each with a fanciful story of their own to share. 

I gave this story only 4 stars because I wasn't too sure about the ending. The author tries to draw some religious parallels towards the end that I'm not sure work (both in terms of the analogy and story). I think I would have liked it a bit better if the Tinker had been right.

If you are looking for an enjoyable distraction, I highly recommend Steven George and the Dragon.


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