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November 14, 2011

Video: Weekly Reading Update


It's Monday! What are you reading? is a weekly meme hosted at Book Journey.

The White Thread (The Gateway Chronicles) by K. B. Hoyle
For a year, Darcy Pennington has agonized over the fate of her dear friend Yahto Veli who sacrificed himself to set her free at the end of her last year in Alitheia. As her third trip to the magical land approaches, Darcy wonders if the daring rescue she desires to launch will be allowed to go forward. Darcy soon comes to realize, however, that much more is at stake than merely the rescue of her friend. Her return to Alitheia is marked by the mysterious disappearance of Colin Mackaby, and a new message from the Oracle adds to the riddles that the Six must decipher if they are to expell Tselloch from the land. Along the way relationships will be created and destroyed, and for some characters, the deepest scars are those that cannot be seen. From

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Shelter Me by Juliette Fay

In the tradition of Marisa de los Santos and Anne Tyler comes a moving debut about a young mother's year of heartbreak, loss, and forgiveness...and help that arrives from unexpected sources

Four months after her husband's death, Janie LaMarche remains undone by grief and anger. Her mourning is disrupted, however, by the unexpected arrival of a builder with a contract to add a porch onto her house. Stunned, Janie realizes the porch was meant to be a surprise from her husband—now his last gift to her.
As she reluctantly allows construction to begin, Janie clings to the familiar outposts of her sorrow—mothering her two small children with fierce protectiveness, avoiding friends and family, and stewing in a rage she can't release. Yet Janie's self-imposed isolation is breached by a cast of unlikely interventionists: her chattering, ipecac-toting aunt; her bossy, over-manicured neighbor; her muffin-bearing cousin; and even Tug, the contractor with a private grief all his own.
As the porch takes shape, Janie discovers that the unknowable terrain of the future is best navigated with the help of others—even those we least expect to call on, much less learn to love. From
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  1. I watched a bit of the Harry Potter movie, The Deathly Hallows last night which I thought was more dark and evil than all the previous ones , and I loved the graphics, but I don't see me reading Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia so I probably won't be reading The Gateway Chronicle either, sorry. Maybe someday .

    I have uploaded the Catholic Critics reviews of the Chronicles of Narnia on my youtube page if anyone is interested .

    What are you planning to giveaway?

  2. The White Thread looks to be good. :)

    New Follower. Come see my Monday! And have a great week!

  3. @Jackie - The giveaway would be 3 copies of The Moment by Douglas Kennedy, open to the US only.