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February 29, 2012

Keeps getting better: Earth Angel

Earth Angel (Falling Angels Saga #2) by E. van Lowe
Published December 2011 by White Whisker Books

Read February 2012

Between all the free Nook book deals and the ebooks I receive for review, I had not actually purchased an ebook for my Nook. Until Earth Angel. I had won a copy of Boyfriend from Hell last year and enjoyed the start of the series. After seeing the tweets about it being released, I decided I enjoyed the first book enough to want to know what happens next.

I think I liked Earth Angel a bit more than Boyfriend from Hell. Maybe because it focused more around Megan and school that I could get more into the young adult aspect of it. In my review of Boyfriend from Hell, I mentioned I related more to the mom. And as teen paranormal fiction goes, Earth Angel is pretty darn good.

There were a couple of bumps in the road for me. (I think he takes more of a Judeo Mysticism approach to God and Angels, than my Christian background allows for). But it didn't deter me from reading, if anything it made it more fun as I debated with myself free will, power of faith, etc. Someone without my background, probably won't even notice these points as they are pretty common in secular books.

While I was reading this book, my Mom substituted in a class where a girl was trying to find books similar to Twilight to read. Of course, Mom asked me what to recommend. Paranormal romance is not really my genre and I think Twilight is the only series I have ever read with a vampire in it (Oh, I take that back Immortal by Gene Doucette has a vampire, but it's not the same). I thought about it and then when I picked up Earth Angel that evening (yes, I broke my rule of only reading ebooks when out & about) and saw the appeal it would have to the Twilight crowd.

Guy is the perfect other worldly being that teen girls will swoon over. Though there is a lot more realism to him than Edward Cullen. I guess you could say he is softer around the edges, too. Megan is the typical teenager: not Miss Popular, but not really Miss Geek either. She is intelligent and likeable. I see a lot of my teenage self in her.

This book will appeal to a wide range of readers. If you are looking for something to fill that Twilight void, yet don't want just another vampire story, then Falling Angels Saga is for you (it has better writing, too.)

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