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March 6, 2012

eBook week: What to Read?

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In honor of eBook week, I thought I would take a look back at some of the best ebooks I've read and give you a peek of what else is on my reader. You can find out more about ebook week at

While I still love to read print books, there is a convenience that I greatly appreciate from my ereader. It is much lighter than most of the books I read. I can easily pull my Nook out while standing in line and just as easily stow it away. I never lose my place because the bookmark fell out.

My Top 5 eBook Recommendations (I've limited it to the titles that I read as ebooks. Many print books I've read are also available as ebooks, but were excluded for this list).

Mistakes by A. M. Hayward & L. J. Holder
A sheltered high school student decides to be a bit rebellious for her senior year spring break. A trip south of the border and a cute guy with a sinister plan gives Maddie a spring break she won't forget. With themes of human trafficking and the sex trade, Mistakes is not an easy read, but the story flows nicely and you will be emotionally invested from page one. See my full review.

For those more interested in medical drama, check out Lethal Remedy by Richard Mabry. While many of the main characters have a Christian background, the book is not preachy and the main focus of the book is the medical and ethical situation caused by a highly deadly virus. See my full review.

Throwaway by Heather Huffman is another ebook not to miss and it's only 99 cents at Amazon. A prequel has just been released. In Throwaway, the readers preconceived ideas are challenged and for me a much needed wake up call to a problem that is growing exponentially in our country and around the world. See my full review.

Everyone should have Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman by J. B. Lynn on their ereader. It is a fun read. Great characters, great action, just great storytelling. Looking for a strong female lead character? Maggie may be unsure at times, but when it comes to family she does what she has to do. See my full review.

Every ereader (well at least those used by women) needs a swoon worthy male lead. It isn't often that I find a character that I want to meet in real life, but Dominic Grey capture my attention in The Egyptian by Layton Green. This biomedical thriller has enough twist and turns to show multiple sides of Dominic and each will just make your heart beat a little faster. See my full review.

What am I reading this week on my Nook? Doing Max Vinyl by Frederick Lee Brook. It has a lot a social commentary on the environment and eating well, with a backdrop of a woman soldier who has returned from 3 tours of Iraq and now wrapped up in finding a stolen cell phone collection.

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