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March 19, 2012

Video Blog #8: Reading Ramblings



 You Are What You Wear by Jennifer Baumgartner
Most every woman has found herself with a closet full of too many clothes or surrounded by brand-new items that somehow never get worn. Instead she gets stuck wearing the same few familiar pieces from a wardrobe that just doesn Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner argues that all those things are actually manifestations of deeper life issues. What if you could understand your appearance as a representation of your inner unresolved conflicts and then assemble a wardrobe to match the way you wish to be perceived? In this fashion guide that is like no other, Dr. Baumgartner helps readers identify the psychology behind their choices, so they can not only develop a personal style that suits their identity but also make positive changes in all areas of life. From

Fire Mage by John Forrester
For centuries, mages perfected magic at the Order of the Dawn. Mastery over fire, wind, and storm. They live in the last free city in a world plagued by dark sorcerers.

Talis Storm and friend Mara discover a terrible secret. The Jiserian Empire has targeted their city for attack. An army of undead soldiers. Flying necromancers. None have ever survived.

When a surprise aerial invasion hits the Order’s temple, Talis casts fire magic for the first time. But his spell is wild and does more harm than good. Sorcerers try to capture Talis and Mara. They flee into the temple crypts. Awoken from an ancient rest, a fallen champion slays the sorcerers and gives Talis a legendary map. The map leads them on a quest to discover the lost temple of the sun.

To save his city, Talis must discover the power of magic locked away inside the ancient temple. And become a true fire mage. From
In My Mailbox:

Simple Secrets to a Happy Life by Luci Swindoll

Simple rules for a successful, intentional life approached in a no-nonsense manner with a solid, scriptural foundation.
Luci Swindoll, a beloved Women of Faith speaker for sixteen years and a distinctive Christian voice in writing and speaking for thirty years, gives readers common-sense rules to live by. These are rules we may know but don't often use-because we don't think about them.
Luci's book places these practical rules in one small, well-organized, fun-to-read compendium that can be referred to again and again.
The 50 simple "secrets" are in five parts:

  • Beginning with the Basics
  • Developing Your Style
  • Achieving Balance
  • Living a Good Life
  • Staying Connected
 "Simple Secrets to a Happy Life" is sure to delight readers-from young people needing advice from a friendly voice to older readers who realize they still don't have it all right.

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