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July 5, 2012

Tips on Thursday: Take a Break

As many of you know I was on vacation last week. While it was a staycation, I did attempt to unplug for a few days. Like many bloggers, I worry about what will happen to my blog if I'm not constantly tending to it. I thought I would share the results of a week "away".

First, I didn't want there to be no content all week so I worked really hard to have all my posts written and scheduled by Sunday night. That in and of itself was great. I'm going to work really hard in future to schedule as many of posts as possible over the weekend instead of the night before. It gave me more time in the evenings to read.

My posts automatically get tweeted when they post. So I had at least 1 promotional tweet going out during the day. Also, I'm a member of Triberr and my tribe was wonderful in sharing my posts. I've mentioned it before how beneficial it has been to be part of a blogging group and this past week really showed. They all knew I was going to be away and they made sure to advertise for me. I'm very thankful to them. Also, because of the tribe I was able to schedule another automatic tweet to go out to promote the post.

I also made sure at some point in the day that I stumbled and G+ my post. Again, my tribemates helped me out when I wasn't able to get to my post until late in the day. Often someone else had stumbled my post for me. Facebook may have suffered a bit as I wasn't able to post a link there at optimal times. I could have set an automatic post to Facebook and may do that next time.

Overall, I did not see a drop in traffic. I was averaging about 350 page views a day with a most new posts getting at least 100 hits in the first 24 hours before my vacation. During my vacation, I was getting about 300 page views per day, but the individual posts didn't do as well (people were coming to the main page of my blog and possibly scrolling through the post, which would account for the lowered page views on the individual posts).\

So what did I learn? My blog has a significant enough presence that I don't have to constantly advertise it. I have AWESOME Tribemates and blogging friends. A special THANK YOU to David Brown for getting his guest post to me far in advance so I could format it before my vacation.

For those who are needing a break from their blog. Don't worry, you're hardwork won't go down the tubes. Schedule a few posts, then kick back and relax. I'm feeling rested and got a lot of reading done so now I'm back (and hopefully better!).

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