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August 18, 2012

Not Worth the Money: StumbleUpon Exposed

StumbleUpon Exposed
Published July 2012 by 99 cent store
Read August 2012

When I was searching for information on StumbleUpon for my Tips post a few weeks ago, I came across StumbleUpon Exposed on Barnes & Nobles website. The sample was not helpful so I passed on it. Now, I'm working on an article for Bad Redhead Media about StumbleUpon and thought I would try the book as there isn't a lot of information out there on using StumbleUpon.

Don't waste your money. It was not worth the $2.99 I spent. Most of the information I had found already through web searches. There is also a large section with general information about creating quality content, which again I already knew. Of the 10 pages that comprised the book, maybe 5 pages were about StumbleUpon.

The one good I learned about that I hadn't done much research on was the paid discovery. The author made a good point about having the page your are submitting being tailored for that campaign.

I was very disappointed that it encouraged users to violate StumbleUpon's TOS by creating multiple accounts.

I think this may be an excerpt. The closing paragraph referenced a different title.

If you are looking for info to better understand StumbleUpon, stick to web searches as this book was not useful.

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