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August 12, 2012

Sunday Short: Doodling

Doodling by Jonathan Gould
Published January 2011
Read August 2012
Goodreads, Amazon

A well-written short story, Doodling features Neville who has fallen off the world. You see the world is spinning out of control, literally. Several people couldn't keep up with the pace and have taken refuge in the asteroid belt. Neville travels from asteroid to asteroid, exploring the new worlds the inhabitants have created.

I don't think this would be something I normally read, but I read it because The Indie Exchange is hosting a read-a-long next week for the upcoming release of the sequel Scribbling. I am really looking forward to the discussion. While it too is a short story, if it is anything like Doodling there will be a great discussion.

Scribbling has not been released, but those participating in the read-a-long can get an advance copy. We invite all readers to join August 17 - 19 at The Indie Exchange Fan Page. This is where the discussion will take place so make sure the LIKE the page. To get your free ebook, you need to join The Indie Exchange Group on Facebook and put your name on this document.

We are also encouraging participants to post a review after the review on their blog, at Goodreads, or on a book seller's site when Scribbling becomes available for sale.

Doodling is only 99 cents and short enough for you to get it day and have it read before the read-a-long starts. You can pick it up at Amazon or B&N. I can also lend my Nook copy to 1 person if need be through B&N.

I hope you will join us!
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  1. Nice to see I'm not the only one who took part in Sunday Shorts and nice pick too