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September 25, 2012

Complete? The Spark

The Spark by Susan Jane Bigelow
Published August 2012 by Candelmark & Gleam
ISBN13: 9781936460328
Read September 2012
Source: Publisher
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I used consuming when I wrote the review for Broken (see my review) and, without realizing I used another C adjective, called Fly into Fire (see my review) captivating, so I felt compelled to use another C adjective for the third book in the Extrahumans series - The Spark. When I finished the book the one word that came to mind was is this the end? And whenever I start to think about the review I come back to is it complete?

As I said in my review on Saturday, I was very happy to have the third book all loaded and ready to go when I finished Fly into Fire. More so than when I finished Broken it felt like Fly into Fire needed a "to be continued" phrase at the end. To the point that I debated doing the review for both books together on Saturday. They seemed like such a complete story together (with Broken being the prequel) that I'm having trouble saying what events happened in each book (at least the ending of Fly into Fire and the beginning of The Spark). And The Spark picks up where Fly into Fire ends. However, I think the opening might have been better as part of Fly into Fire as there is an awkward jump 10 years into the future that had me a bit confused. That is perhaps the only problem I had with the book.

As to whether or not it is complete. I don't know. The ending could be seen as complete, as there is an attempt to tie up loose ends. However, there are still questions to be answered and stories to be told. 

The Spark focuses more on Dee the young girl we meet in Fly into Fire. She is literally Girl on Fire. I liked her character, but for the book being so focused on her makes me think that perhaps the series isn't finished. Yet the glimpse we get at the end suggest it is. But then what of the boy who was so important in Broken that Michael Forward gave his life? We do see him, but really was all the struggle just so he could make one speech?

Do I want more? I'm not sure. I really liked how The Spark ended. There seemed to be a conclusion. Yet, I'm not sure I'm ready to say good bye to the characters.

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