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September 29, 2012

From the TBR Pile: The Called Ones and the Keys of Sight by S. B. Scrillum

Have you ever felt called by a Voice in the night? If a voice called to you now, would you follow it?

The children in the town of Henley hear the call when they attend Summer's End Camp for the first time. There are legends about the land the town bulit the camp on; it is said to built atop a cursed, ancient Indian burial ground, some even swear to have seen peopel walk into the lake there, never to return.

Is the Voice that is calling to the children of Henley a sinster force bent on leading them to a cursed, watery death, or is it a trustworthy force meaing only good? Eigther way, thirteen children a in for a surprise when they attend camp and follow the strange Voice that calls to them in the night. The call is only the beginning. From
Paperback, 370 pages
Published December 2011
ISBN13: 9781463779375
Goodreads, Amazon, IndieBound 

About the Author:
S.B. Scrillum comes from another dimension known as Halanea. Within that Realm, Scrillum is known as The Historian who is responsible for keeping records and penning the most important book within the land. The Master of Halanea has sent Scrillum on an important mission to cross over into the HuMan Realm and write the story of a small group of brave warriors from a land known as Mississippi located within the North American continent. Scrillum follows them to this day writing down the details of the adventures as they seek to unlock the power they hope will save the HuMan Realm.

Connect with the Author:

Praise for The Called Ones and The Keys of Sight:

"thoughtful, character-driven debut fantasy novel" ~ Karin Ballstadt, Amazon

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