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September 11, 2012

Couldn't put it down: Sempre

Sempre Forever by J. M. Darhower
Published January 2012
ISBN13 9781465854889
Read September 2012
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I'm exhausted and it's the fault of one author - J. M. Darhower. She has written a powerful, captivating tale of love, sacrifice and the gritty side of society. This story has kept me up most the night, not once, but twice. You see I read an early draft of it and couldn't stop reading it then and couldn't stop reading it in its final form

To give you a perspective of how big a deal that is. I have never pulled an all nighter for academic reasons (and I graduated 3rd in my class in high school) and I always got 9 - 10 hours of sleep all 4 years of college.

I loved the new prologue. I can't remember how the original draft started, but I thought this was a powerful beginning. I also appreciated the author's ability to adapt it for a different audience (the original draft was for a writing group that expected certain elements; these expectations are not held by the general reading public though).

I was a bit disappointed when a certain scene was not as detailed. While shocking, it was an emotional scene in its original form. I felt that it did not pack the same punch in the final version.

The story did not end in the same place the original manuscript did and I have seen some chatter on Twitter that there is a sequel on the way. There is a particular part of the original story I did not particularly enjoy and I'm hoping that it will be tweaked. Though I can not remember the catalsyst that sent the plot in that direction, the ending of Sempre Forever gives me hope that the plot may go in a slightly different direction. My fingers are crossed. I don't want more heartbreak for this couple.

For fans of Heather Huffman, I recommend picking up a copy of Sempre Forever.

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