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October 12, 2012

FlashFiveFriday: Dog

Charlie - who is terrified of cameras
I'm the featured "Flasher" over at The Indie Exchange today where I introduce you to my precious Charlie.

I have been wracking my brain all week to think of books about dogs. But as I mentioned in my World Animal Day post, I tend to shy away from books about animals. I came up with three books that I've read since I started blogging that a dog played an important role.

I read the children's book Buddy's Tail by K. Anne Russell (see my review). It wasn't too sad. There is a bit of saddness - my niece tried to read it and thought it was too sad.

Schatz - my Jack Russell Terror
The other two is part of a series: Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman (see my review) and Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman (see my review), both books are by J. B. Lynn. I talked a lot about the second book on World Animal Day because the dog has a much bigger role in the second book.

So those are my dog books. But when trying to think of titles, mostly I came up with TV or movies. I loved watching Lassie and have watched some Clifford the Big Red Dog. Old Yeller was very sad, but I think I watched it every time it came on TV (Benji movies were the same way - I wanted a Benji dog). Maybe I just don't become as attached to animals that I see on the screen as I do on the page.

What dog books have you read/enjoyed?

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  1. Hey Donna, I enjoyed reading this week's post and can relate to your reading preferences. I too normally don't read stories with animal characters, but recently read one from one of TIE's regular contributors.

    I'm sure you know Vickie an you've probably read "3 Heads & A Tail." If you haven't read it yet, you'll thank me later. It is a quick fun read. I just wanted to plug it here because of the other titles you mentioned.

  2. Great post Donna.

    Richard Adams' Plague Dogs is a sad one but a good read. Years ago I read James Herbert's Fluke, a complete digression from his horror works which I recall as being a great read too. May have to seek that one out again :)

  3. Forgot The Incredible Journey with 2 dogs and a cat. There have been a couple of film adaptations of it :)

  4. David keeps saying I must read The Plague Dogs but I'm worried I'll cry my heart out. I've started it twice and struggled. I recently read 3 Heads and a Tail by Vickie J and loved it.

    Love the dog pics this week!

  5. I'm glad you like Doomsday so much. She's one of my favorite characters to write!

    When I was a kid I loved The Incredible Journey. Have you read Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain? It's told from the POV of a dog. And the James Herriot books are great for quick doses of animal stories.