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October 13, 2012

Great Story: Kiss

Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy
audiobook, Narrated by Pam Turlow
Published January 2009 by Oasis Audio
ISBN13: 9781598595130
Listened October 2012
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I saw this book listed at the digital library maybe a year ago. Though I'm a huge Ted Dekker fan, I hadn't hear of this one. It sounded so different from the books he writes now I wondered if it was the same Ted Dekker. I finally decided to put Kiss on my holds list and got it last week.

It is totally different than the books Ted Dekker is writing these days. So different that I'm not quite convinced they are the same person. 

Kiss reminded me a lot of Before I Go To Sleep (see my review). Shauna awakens from a six week coma with no memory of the last four or five months. Was it the result of the car accident, though she sustained no brain injury? And was the car accident an accident or a carefully orchestrated attempt to keep her from exposing what she knows? Oh and while we are on questions - what are those experimental meds she has been taking?

While a couple of characters are definitely not who they claim to be. There are a few characters that who won't be so sure about. What is their role in the whole plot? Who can Shauna trust? The entire story is a game of cat and mouse and Shauna is determined to become the cat.

From the opening lines, Kiss captivated me. A little more straightforward in its Christian overtones than Dekker's later work, it is not preachy. God and faith is mentioned more as a means of peace for the main character - remembering a saying from her mother when in particularly stressful situations. The suspense/thrill ride is definitely center stage.

There is mention of human trafficking, though not really a major plot theme in the book. I have to wonder if this was the beginning of the awareness being raised. Now there are number of authors who have taken up human trafficking as a main plot device.

If you haven't read Kiss I recommend picking it up. It was a quick listen full of suspense with a few moments of thrill. If have tried Dekker's later works and find yourself confused or drowning in the multi-layers of meaning, don't worry Kiss is as straight forward as any suspenseful mystery can be. 

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