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October 28, 2012

Kid Who Reads: Millicent Marie Is Not My Name

Millicent Marie Is Not My Name by Karen Pokras Toz
paperback, 150 pages
Published: October 2012 by Grand Daisy Press
ISBN13: 9780984860852
Source: Author
Read: October 2012
Goodreads, IndieBound, Amazon

Millicent Marie Is Not My Name is about a 6th grade girl with a computer diary that her brother made into a blog.

I loved the fact that Karen Pokras Toz wrote a blogger. I like that the cover shows Millie on her computer.

It is funny.I like the girl and how she blogs. This book helps me understand a little about the 6th grade. I am going to the 6th grade next year and will keep this book with me.

It reminds me of Disney Channel's Radio Rebel. It is good for 4th through 7th graders.

I give it a 4.

Karen Pokras Toz is on tour right now (my aunt organized the tour). Today, Ms. Toz is answering YOUR questions at

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