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November 30, 2012

Friday Fun with Jolie du Pre

Something I love to do is meet fellow "The Walking Dead" TV show fans on Facebook and Twitter. Before an episode, we get on Facebook and chat about how excited we are to see the next show. While an episode airs, we tweet like mad and look for a new hashtag introduced during the show. After the TV show, we get back on Facebook or Twitter and chat about how much we like the episode or how much we love or hate certain characters.

We drive people who aren't into the show crazy, but we don't care. We love the show too much to care.

Note: If you’re one of the comics aficionados who hate the TV show fans, save your rants for your snobby forums. The biggest myth from you guys is that the TV show fans don't read. Hate to break it to you, but not all the TV show fans are buffoons who never open a book. I'm a rabid "The Walking Dead" TV show fangirl and an avid reader. (I've probably read more books than you.) So stop believing your own press. The comic book series is the comic book series. The TV show is a separate animal. Deal with it.

Now that that’s out of the way, TV show fans, are you ready?

For Friday Fun, I thought it would be cool to discuss "The Walking Dead" TV show characters I hate. I know you guys can relate, and I'll try not to reveal any spoilers for those who have yet to watch a season three episode.

The Governor aka Snake in the Grass

You get to meet this lovely man, and I mean that sarcastically of course, in season three. He's what I call a snake in the grass. You know? He's the type who smiles in your face and makes you think he's on the up and up. The type who everyone thinks is the smartest and the one who always does the right thing. The type who doesn't reveal his true colors until he's behind closed doors. That's the Governor. If you ever meet a person like him, God help you.

Lori Grimes aka Second-in-Command

You can find Lori in seasons one, two and three. She's Rick's wife and Carl's mother. Without revealing any spoilers from season three, suffice it to say that she's the woman who never takes a leadership role (not that you'd want her to), but then has the nerve to question the leaders.

There's other things about her that are annoying. In season one, she assumes Rick is dead. So she hooks up with Shane, Rick's partner on the job and best friend. Personally I think it was highly inappropriate for Lori to get with Shane during a zombie apocalypse. I would rather have seen her take some time to mourn her husband, who she assumed was dead, and to be there for her son. When she learns Rick is not dead, she's got Shane and Rick against each other - two guys fighting over a woman who, in my opinion, ain't worth it. And, of course, it's revealed in season two that she's pregnant. Is it Rick's kid or is Shane the baby daddy? Call me crazy, but if I'm living in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, I'm making damn sure I don't get knocked up.

Merle Dixon aka Evil, Crazy Bigot

In season one, we learn that Merle is a crazy bigot. In season three, we learn that not only is he a crazy bigot, he's just downright evil. Even if he hadn't lost his hand in season one he'd probably be evil. But unlike The Governor, Merle has always showed his true colors. We expect nothing less from Merle.

Andrea aka Opportunist

Everyone says Andrea is stupid. I don't think so. I think she's an opportunist. She's a woman who uses men to get what she wants, and she goes against those who help her if she feels it's in her best interest. Michonne saved her butt in season two, but Andrea could not care less. That's an opportunist.

Who is your least favorite character from the "The Walking Dead" TV show?

Also, if you love "The Walking Dead," you love zombies. Own a blog? Then join my Zombie Blog Hop to be held on December 7th!

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  1. Thanks for having me today! It was fun to write!

  2. LOL, I love The Walking Dead. I'm totally addicted to it, and can't wait for the next episode from week to week. I dislike the same characters for the same reasons. I wish Andrea would find a vibrator and then maybe she could think straight! She is slightly annoying, but the character I dislike is Merle, with the Governor a close second. In the previous series, I detested Shane the most - the episode with Tiny was unforgettable.

    I love Merle's brother though - he's my favourite character, along with Glenn and his girlfriend. Michonne is a cool new character too.
    Long live this series. I had no idea there was all of that manic tweeting going on around each episode! :)

  3. Hey Vickie!

    Thanks for stopping by. Glenn's not in season 3. So I didn't include him. But yeah, I didn't care for Glenn. Although part of his problem was his feelings for Lori. I can excuse that *somewhat.* Love and jealousy can turn folks crazy. The Governor is the worst, for me. Merle is second. And yes, Daryl is my FAVORITE character, for sure! If they kill him off there's going to be a fangirl riot. LOL! Glenn and Maggie are adorable. I like Michonne too. But I'm getting tired of her constant frowning. She's cool, though.

  4. Yikes, I meant to say SHANE, not Glenn, when I was talking about Shane. LOL!

  5. Woo-hoo! You know my love of The Walking Dead. And yes, there will be fangirls with pitchforks and torches marching on AMC studios if they kill Daryl.

  6. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!! YES, lots of pitchforks and torches if they kill off Daryl. (I don't think the producers are stupid enough to do that. They know how we feel about Daryl!)

  7. Hi, Jolie! I don't have TV, so haven't seen this show, but I know a lot of my friends are fans. I had to drop in, though, when I saw you were guest blogging! X-D

  8. Hey Katy!

    Thanks for dropping by! If you ever get a chance to watch an episode, I know you'll love it!

  9. Thanks for filling me in on all the characters. I only watched one show way back in season 1, so I was not aware of some of them. I do remember Lori. What a sleaze. I'm waiting impatiently for book 2 of the M series.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Deb. I've allowed my article writing for Yahoo! and others to interfere with my fiction writing. No more. I now put my fiction first. Conan will appear in 2013, hopefully sooner rather than later.