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November 28, 2012

Coming Dec. 2012: The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al.

Alberta Ross’s new collection of Tales offers a handful of Once Upon a Time stories. Twisted, slightly shuffled to one side and wrapped in a modern day perspectives.

Find good and evil in equal measure.
Discover greed and vanity.
Cheer the lovelorn and boo the wicked.
Observe the shape shifters, princesses and talking animals.
Watch as revenge is sought for a past time and justice demanded for an ignored crime.

Ponder the truths that can be found in all fairy tales and myths.

Take nothing for granted, these well crafted tales may sound cosy as you begin, but watch out. As a summer breeze these redefined fairy tales can turn in an instant to a tempest.

Sit back and enjoy them.


From: ‘The child, the box and the trees’
Later that night, after she had heard her father’s drunken, uneven steps, listened to the raised voices, crashing of glass and Aoife’s cry of pain, after she welcomed the peace of the night's velvet darkness, Anesidora leant over the side of her bed. Her acquisitive fingers searching for, finding and tracing the intricate patterns which adorned the sides, feeling the carved catch and hinges, smoothing traceries of ancient images on the humming sides of the box.

All was well.

When the darkness arrived, it stole into the town silently, unseen; nothing warned of the disasters to come. No indication of the evil.

From: ‘Here a bite, there a bite, everywhere a bite, bite’
I miss the old fellow. Oh, I know he was a braggart and a bully but over the years we were together we grew to know each other rather well, and – just say I miss him.

When did I first meet him? Funnily enough it was back at the very beginning of his fortune’s turn. I’d been hanging around some of the other cats but they were no fun at all and I’d been watching Sith for a while. Rather enviously. He seemed to have more to him – do you understand? An unrestrained exuberance; a liveliness which promised excitement and a fizz in life which was sadly lacking in the others. Born to lead

About the Author:

Alberta spent the first part of her adult life travelling the world, the middle years studying and now has settled down to write. From the first part she has endless photographs, memories and friends. From the second a BSc Hons, an MA and friends. Now in this part everything comes together.

Over the years her interests have expanded, as has her book and music collection. A short list would include reading (almost anything) science, opera, folk, gardening, philosophy, crazy patchwork, freeform crochet, ethics, social history, cooking (and eating of course) gardening, anthropology, climate change and sustainability.

Alberta says the best gift her parents gave her, apart from a love of reading and music, was an interest and curiosity in everything which, in itself, has become a total inability to be bored and for this she is always grateful.
Connect: web site for background to the
writing of Alberta’s publications for whatever takes her fancy for all things writing

Tour Schedule: on the 29/30 November TBC on the 2nd December on the 3rd December on the 5th December on the 6th December on the 12th December

There will be six e-book copies of The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al up for grabs at the end of this mini tour – winners will be selected randomly from those who comment. I can offer print copies only to UK residents.

Book Annoucements are offered free to authors. Unless otherwise stated, all information and images have been provided by the author.


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