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November 8, 2012

Tips on Thursday: Post Ideas

This post kind of ties in with last week's post on scheduling. There are only 6.5 weeks until Christmas. Do you know how fast that time will go? Holidays can be stressful enough on there own, no need to add to it with worry over keeping up with your blogging. I thought I would give you some ideas of "filler" posts. Just because they are what I consider filler, it does not mean they aren't traffic generators. If done right, these posts can be extremely helpful to your readers and can lift some of the burden of continuous posting off your shoulders. I recommend keeping 5 filler posts in your draft folder for whenever things get crazy or you need to take an extended break from your blog.

  1. Lists: Lists can be extremely popular. My holiday buying guide last year remained a top viewed post for months after I first posted it. There is even a weekly meme that promotes Top Ten Lists. Even if you don't want to link up with the meme, it can offer topic inspiration. Like my holiday buying guide, you can tie your list in with what is going on - books about/by presidents would have been an appropriate list to post during the election season or for Presidents Day. There is practically a Day or Month for everything. Here are just two sites that list crazy and wacky holidays (as well as some more serious dates): Holiday Insights and Holidays 2013.
  2. Author interviews: Gathering up guest posts can be stressful, so if you don't already have a lineup I wouldn't try starting it during the holidays. You can do simple features though. If you are friends with or belong to  a group with authors you might be able to quickly get them to fill out a 5 question interview that you can schedule. Alternatively you can go to an author's website and gather enough info to put together an author spotlight. A quick email to the author to let them know you are featuring them and would like to use their photo and bio from their website is all you need. Most authors also link to past interviews and guest posts. You can check those posts to gather a few quotes.
  3. Book Features: I like book features. If you know the author you might be able to pair it with a giveaway or excerpt. Book cover, synopsis, and a few review quotes.  If you read the book, you may include a few of your favorite quotes/lines (be careful not to infringe on copyright by including too much). 
  4. About you: We are usually too busy promoting others to think about promoting ourselves personally. However, letting your readers know a little bit about you can help connect you to them more. Last fall when I did some work on my front porch I posted before, during, and after pictures. People liked them. A recent Flash Friday post was about house and I showed off some of my favorite pictures from inside/around my house. If you go all out with holiday decorations - show them off on your blog. Set a beautiful table for Thanksgiving? Snap a quick photo before everyone digs in.
  5. Generic topics: Got literary pet peeves? Have an opinion on the changes in vampire mythos by contemporary authors? What is your favorite childhood memory involving books? There are a number of topical posts you can write up and tuck away for a rainy day. They have no expiration dates pull them out when feel pressed for time or perhaps something will come up that makes it news worthy at a certain point. They can also be a great way to generate discussion on your blog. 
Do you have other time saving post ideas? Please share them in the comment section. 
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