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December 10, 2012

Meet the Author: April Aasheim

I welcome April Aasheim to the blog today. She shares some Fun Facts about herself.

1. I have lived in Arizona, Nevada, California, Tennessee and Oregon.
2. I studied martial arts as a teenager under my dad David German. My dad was one of the original founders of mixed martial arts. Black Belt Magazine called him The Eclectic Heretic.
3. I don’t eat fish. I don’t know why I don’t eat fish. I had a book called Rainbow Fish when I was a kid and I think I made the connection between the protagonist of the story (a rainbow fish) and the fish sticks my mother served me for dinner. Have not eaten anything from or around the sea since then.
4. I started a coven when I was eleven years old with my Girl Scout troop. We made up our own spells. Not sure if they worked.
5. I am an avid video game player. Currently play Xbox 360, Wii, and PC games.
6. I spend about 4-5 hours day writing. This includes taking notes and doing research.
7. I only keep about ¼ of the material I write. If it’s really good but just doesn’t work I copy it into another folder so that I don’t feel like it’s wasted.
8. The first time I got a real critique from my writing group I cried. My ego wasn’t ready to be told that my writing ‘could be better’. Since then I’ve grown a thicker skin. I now know that everything I write isn’t brilliant or even good, but it makes those rare moments when I do write something wonderful that much sweeter.
9. I am currently writing a book about a group of sisters who just happen to be witches called The Witches of Dark Root. I am also writing a young adult book about a small town where mysterious things happen called There’s Something About Reed Hollow.
10. I love the strange, the mysterious, and the supernatural.

About the Author:

April Aasheim spent her childhood traveling around the Southwestern portion of the United States with her gypsy mother and her 'get rich quick' stepfather. During those formative years she spent time traveling with the carnival, living in an abandoned miner's shack, and learning to read Tarot Cards.

After spending her early adult years in California, Tennessee, and Arizona, April finally settled down in Portland, Oregon where she has lived for the last decade.

April is a mother, a wife, and a reluctant homemaker. She has written several short stories, maintains an active blog, and is writing her second novel: The Witches of Dark Root, to be released in early 2013. Her current novel: The Universe is a Very Big Place is available for purchase on
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