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December 8, 2012

Paranormal Murder Mystery: Beneath the Dune

Beneath the Dune by Walter Ramsay
paperback, 234 pages
Published: June 2011 by Pena Beach Press
ISBN13: 9780983440703
Source: Author
Read: November 2012
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Beneath the Dune rounded out my "battle of the thrillers". You might recall a few weeks ago I somehow found myself reading 3 thrillers at one time. I typically try to space out books of the same genre so I don't end up comparing them to one another. I guess I was just starved for an adrenaline rush.

Perhaps, if I had read Beneath the Dune by itself instead of so closely with other thrillers I would have given it higher marks. It had potential to be a great paranormal murder mystery. At one point, I did get a little creeped out. Yet, for the long haul it kind of fell flat for me.

While it could have been a cool literary device to switch to third person during the dream sequence, I found it jarring to go back and forth between third and first person. I might have liked it better if only the dream had been in third person to give it a more out of body feel, but even after Tucker woke up the story would stay in third person to the end of the chapter and I didn't like that.

Have you read my blog long? Know how I feel about sex scenes, particularly unnecessary/doesn't fit the story sex scenes? Yeah, Beneath the Dune had one of those. I was like, do you want to be a paranormal murder mystery or a steamy romance novel? I almost put the book down because it was so unneeded (at least in the level of detail).

I wanted to like this book and really thought it could have been a great book. However, it pushed too many of my literary pet peeves for me to thoroughly enjoy it.

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