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January 25, 2013

Friday Fun with Liss Thomas

A villain rarely gets interviewed these days so I decided to extend the offer to the bad guy in my debut novel, Finding Monsters. It was tricky. He's not from our realm...

Liss: Please state your name for our audience.
Anukhan: Anukhan. Think Anubis and Genghis Khan spliced together.

Liss: And your species is Jackal?
Anukhan: I am nothing like the creatures from your world. I am larger, faster, stronger. I can shift at will to stand upright as half man half jackal. It comes in handy for scaring your kind into submission.

Liss: What is your age, please?
Anukhan: It is of no matter to you, human.

Liss: Ok. Do you have a favorite food?
Anukhan: I enjoy feasting on the less fortunate.

Liss: You don't scare me, Anukhan. You agreed to this interview, please answer the questions. Have you ever been to the human realm?
Anukhan: I've seen it. You humans should be careful of the weapons your make. They could be your undoing.

Liss: No doubt. Are you a morning person?
Anukhan: Yes. I do my best plotting in the morning.

Liss: What are your hobbies?
Anukhan: Let's see. Is orchestrating revenge a hobby? If so I do it often.

Liss: You are a powerful king in the monster realm. Why would you need to plot revenge?
Anukhan: Why should I tell you?

Liss: I'm sure you're not afraid to tell me. What could I do anyway?
Anukhan: I'm sure you know there is bad blood between the Bullclan and myself.

Liss: I heard it mentioned.
Anukhan: There you have it.

Liss: Do you have a dark secret or at least darker than the one eluded to prior?
Anukhan: I have many secrets, the darker the better. Perhaps I should demonstrate. *Attempts to grab Liss. Hand glides through without touching*. You are a reflection!

Liss: I thought it wise to deal with you in this form, courtesy of a few monster friends of mine.
Anukhan: You are a coward!

Liss: I am cautious and with reason.
Anukhan: You may be safe for now.

Liss: I'll take my chances. Final question, Anukhan. What annoying habit do you have that drives others crazy?
Anukhan: I have an annoying habit of getting what I want. You are fortunate. I have no interest in you for now.

Liss: Indeed. Thank you for your time, Anukhan
Anukhan: Perhaps the next time we meet, it will be in person *wicked smile*

Liss: I don't think so . . . *reflection dissolves away*

About the Author:

Liss Thomas is a YA Fantasy Author who likes to dabble in other genres as well.  She currently resides in Florida and is patiently waiting for her first glimpse of a wild alligator (from a distance is fine).  When she's not writing, she's playing iPad games and dreaming of fishing.  She's currently working on the sequel to 'Finding Monsters' and an online serial novel entitled 'Hidden Monsters'.

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