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February 5, 2013

Featured Book: With My Body

A modern take on the classic Pride & Prejudice premise.

Model, Elle Benedict is young, beautiful and headstrong. When she overhears billionaire, William Dexter insulting her integrity, it leaves her deep attraction to him in tatters.

As William stumbles over himself to repair the damage, he pursues her intensely, and begins to draw her into his private world. They embark on a relationship, consumed by love and desire, awakening feelings neither had experienced before.

But not everything is perfect. Jealousy and misunderstandings allow a so-called friend to seek out the cracks in their relationship and use them to manipulate and interfere, intent on ruining a little boy's life before he has even drawn a breath.

Seven years of euphoria to the depths of a dark abyss of pain awaits them.

Their journey is a carefully woven story thread of murder, paternity, jealous lovers and family members, and misunderstandings.

Can their love be rekindled?
 Praise for With My Body

"the story flowed and the characters were well-developed. Jo's writing style is smooth and consistent throughout the novel." ~ Ravina Andrea Kurian

"For all romance lovers out there, this is a must read." ~ Jennifer Jennings

"It had the feel of classic literature to me, reminding me a bit of a modern day Jane Austen." ~ Anthea Carson

About the Author:

Jo has always lived in the southern part of England.

Her interest in writing has been there in the background for as long as she can remember; it was something that she always wanted to do since she attended school - Jo did well in her English Literature classes. Jo used to carry a notebook around with her and write ideas down, but she was not one to share my writing with anyone until she became an adult.

As well as writing, Jo also enjoys reading, her favourite classics include Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion and Jane Eyre. Jo does like modern books as well, interested in most genres, but usually preferring an angsty romance or a thriller.
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