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March 27, 2013

Jolie du Pre: A Good Way to Supplement Your Fiction Writing Income

When I became a full-time writer, about six years ago, I wrote articles in addition to writing fiction. I earned enough money to pay my bills. To this day, I still write articles along with fiction.

Do you dream of becoming a full-time writer but find you’re not making enough income with your novel or short story writing? You may desire to supplement your fiction writing income with article writing.

In the beginning, I used to tell myself I would quit article writing after my fiction writing took off. Today, I’m still working on my fiction, but I no longer have an interest in quitting article writing. I write celebrity news and gossip, and it happens to be something I enjoy. I make good money with my celebrity articles, and I see no reason to quit writing celebrity articles as I continue with my fiction writing.

If you decide to supplement your fiction writing income with article writing income, whether you do it just until you make enough as a fiction writer or whether you do it in addition to writing fiction, here are a few sites that I frequent for article writing.



I’ve been with Yahoo!, formally Associated Content, since 2007. Because I’ve been with the site for so long, I’ve been granted opportunities that allow me to make the top money. Therefore, with Yahoo!, you’ll need to pay your dues and put in the time before you’ll start making good money. It is not a site where you will make good money right away.


Examiner is a site I joined in December 2012. I had been trying to become a celebrity writer for the site for a couple of years, and finally my application was approved after a couple of rejections and when more celebrity writing opportunities opened up. I’ve been able to earn good money right away, because celebrity writers at Examiner earn the top income. Examiner is a site where certain topics make good money and other topics not so much. If you sign-up, please use my referral link. (



Textbroker is a site I’ve been a member of for a number of years. Assignments are listed with exactly how much you will be paid. You choose the assignment (s). Pay goes up depending on the level you've been assigned. There are also teams you can apply for. Only the members of a team see the assignments designated for that particular team.



ODesk is a site where you apply for jobs that are posted by clients. You’ll find that after you’ve worked for a number of clients, they will start coming to you.

There is also the option of acquiring private clients on your own. However, what I like about working with sites is my money is better protected. If you work with a client on your own, you have to make sure the client pays you when they’re supposed to. In addition, you have to make sure you actually get the money. With a site like oDesk, for example, the site protects writers by making sure the writers get paid.

So check out article writing sites for a way to make money as a full-time writer and to supplement your fiction writing income.

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