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June 27, 2013

Avoiding Burnout - Reading and Not Reviewing

Sometimes reviewing feels like a job. Though authors are nice about it, I know they want to see me review their book. It can be a lot of pressure when more review requests are coming in every day. And sometimes I just need a break. 

I don't have cable or a Netflix subscription. I did recently get a Roku. But overall I really like to read. It is what I like to do in my free time. So how do you take break from a past-time you really enjoy?

I tend to read books that I'm not expected to review. It doesn't mean I don't review them, but there isn't the same pressure. I can just read the story without thinking about what I'm going to say about it. I still post a short review on Goodreads. 

I'll also re-read a favorite. I use to re-read books all the time. However, since I started blogging I rarely allow myself the time to do so. I can remember when a new Harry Potter would come out. I would go back and re-read all the previous ones in preparation. I'm reading a series now - The Gateway Chronicles - that I really need to re-read in preparation for the next installment. Yet, I haven't done it. 

There are so many books that I want to read and, you know, so little time. I have trouble justifying a re-read. But when blogging and reviewing, and consequently reading becomes a chore, another job, I know I'm heading towards burnout. It is something all bloggers face at some point I do believe. It's important to take time for yourself. Remember why you started blogging. Remember why you love reading. 

What well worn book have you always loved to lose yourself in, but haven't picked up in a while? What do you do when you are heading towards burnout?

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  1. Donna! This is so how I feel right now! I've decided not to accept any books or requests to review until at least October for now. I love to read, I'm a veracious reader, but even I can't read 5 books in a week. Ugh! I love books, I love indie authors and I love, love, love to read, but how long ago did I read just to relax? I can't even remember. The worst thing? Most of the books I've been reading to review I've decided not to write that review, but instead tell the author to wait with their release and do some work on it. Anyway.great post! Great advice! And you know what's the best thing? I'm actually reading a book right now that makes it all worth while! :-) I'm so happy with indies and the good fortune to be in a position to read their work first, when I come across a perl like this. So even when I feel a burn-out coming I'll still read, even if it's like you re-read that one book. (In my case The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera)

  2. I love re-reading Julia Quinn books and haven't re-read one in a while. But I am starting to feel the burn now too. I just can't help but ask for requests of books I'm anticipating and can't wait for. I agree that there are so many books that are coming out that I want to read but haven't, especially with my ever growing pile of to be read books. But then again I have stop reading for like about a week to two weeks now and is behind on my reading and reviewing. I've just been watching movies and other things online to take up the time.

  3. I'm so in the burnout phase! So I ended up taking about 2 months off from blogging. (I've still be reading at least some.) But I've had some stuff going in my personal life and I just felt I couldn't give all I'd like to blogging. But I'm back now. (I think, it's a little early to tell!) Great post, Donna! And as for re-reads...I can't even tell you how many times I read the Twilight books when I was in that phase!