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June 20, 2013

Popular Tips on Thursday Posts

I often get requests for a particular tips posts or asked if I have written on a certain topic. I thought today I would share some of the most popular tips posts I've written. (You might notice I'm taking my own advice for when you're too busy to write  a full post - make a list).

Listed in order of most viewed:

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Star Ratings (4/12/2012)
Act Locally ( 3/29/2012)
Bloggiesta Challenge (9/27/2012)
Negative Reviews (7/12/2012)
StumbleUpon (7/26/2012)
Tag It (3/22/2012)
Twitter Connections (3/15/2012)
Blog Tours (6/21/2012)
Netgalley (3/8/2012)
Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups (11/22/2012)

Most popular so far in 2013:

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Does anyone care what I have to say? (4/18/2013)


  1. Now that I have my blogging mojo back I need all the tips I can get :)