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August 6, 2013

Review: The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain

The Cypher by Julain Rosado-Machain is the first book in the middle grades fantasy series Guradians, Inc. It is about a young boy who lives with his grandfather because his parents disappeared and are presumed dead. But strange things are occurring.

I was impressed with the writing, given that English is not Julian's native language. I work with a number of non-native speakers so I recognize the feat he has accomplished.

The middle grades fantasy genre is a tough one to stand out in. While not totally original, there are some unique elements. I think it would be enjoyable for fourth grade and up.

Did your kid like Night at the Museum? Then they will like The Cypher. For in Thomas's world, there is more than meets the eye. Stories and histories we have heard over and over again are only the cover story. What is safe for the general human population to know.

As an adult, I thought the story was a little slow - a lot of detail leading up to the main action. Now that I think about it, it is kind of how I felt with the Percy Jackson series. But I'm sure my nephew would be all into this book. And it is meant for kids. It's a fun look into a magical world that could be happening right under our noses.

So if your young reader likes to be a trendsetter among his or her friends, get them a copy of The Cypher - the ebook is FREE. And if they are like my niece who hates to wait,  the second book (affiliate link) in the series is also available.

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Book info: ebook & paperback, published February 2011
ISBN13: 9781450748582
Source: purchased at B&N
Read: May 2013

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