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September 28, 2013

Afternoon eBook Deal 9/28

...touching romantic reunion, gut-twisting suspense, and wrenching emotional impact. ~ Teresa Medeiros

The writing pulls you in, you don't want to stop reading. ~ Rosi


Newly married and settled in coastal Farnham, Massachusetts, Sarann Bonniface finally has a steadfast, respectable husband at her side and an elegant roof over her head. Now she intends to concentrate on the most pressing matter at hand: taming her newly rebellious teenager.Though Sarann is well aware her daughter isn't thrilled to have a new stepfather, it never occurs to her that Abigail might go looking for the birth father she never knew-or that he can even be found. Ben McElwyn is so mired in the myth Sarann created that even she isn't sure who he really was. But she's about to find out....As Sarann's once idyllic days begin to spin out of control, someone is playing games with her mind, and she no longer trusts anyone around her. Not her resentful daughter. Not her brooding husband. Not Ben. Maybe not even herself....

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