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September 27, 2013

Name that Book: Character Pairings

Up for another challenge? Can you guess the title of the book from the character pairs provided? Let me know how you did in the comments (and it's okay to cheat by following the links).

1. Isabel and Henry (find the answer at Amazon)

2. Diana and Matthew (read my review)

3. Gabriel and Julia (read my review)

4. Elder and Amy (read my review)

5. Megan and Guy (read my review)

6. Joan and Ken (read my review)

7. Jacob and Marlena (read my review)

8. Grace and Mo (read my review)

9. Marlo and Nik (read my review)

10. Jack and Eva (find the answer at Amazon)

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  1. Man! I only got A Million Suns and Water for Elephants. How can I find more time to read when I am already reading as often as I can? I've gotta step up my game :-)