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September 3, 2013

Review: Hickey of the Beast by Isabel Kunkle

I've had Hickey of the Beast by Isabel Kunkle in my reading pile for a while. I picked it up from Candlemark & Gleam, I read their Extrahumans series, and found it oddly enjoyable. When I picked Hickey of the Beast I was expecting another enjoyable, if a bit off from mainstream fantasy/sci-fi story.

It started off okay. Connie is starting her first year at the prestigious boarding school where her mother is the headmistress and her father is a teacher. She has grown up on the school grounds and worried about making the transition from "teacher's kid" to student. She has all the same stresses of any teenager - schoolwork, parents, and boys.

Hickey of the Beast is told through a letter Connie is writing to a summer camp friend. While the format is fine, I found some of the explanations kind of silly. Given that Amanda is also in high school, does Connie really need to explain that a formal dance is a big deal?

I felt the premise was set up to be teen angst, however, there just wasn't enough conflict. It kept felt like it was getting there, unfortunately by the end it did not get there. It seemed to skirt around what could have really amped up the story. I'm not sure why I finished it as I lost interest about half way through. By the ending I didn't really care how it ended, just that it was finished. Up until the use of the f-word, I was considering it for a book my 11 year old niece might read. The writing and even the subject mater was lower young adult.

Maybe my expectations were too high. I thought it would be a quirky high school romance, Hickey of the Beast was an okay story of high school crush. Just because it wasn't my cup of tea, you might like it.

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Published March 2011 by Candlemark & Gleam
ebook & paperback (266 pages)
ISBN13: 9781936460229
Source: publisher
Read July 2013

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