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October 9, 2013

Selena Marimba: Romantic Fantasy Writing - How Do You Get Started

Romantic fantasy is popular because it illustrates tales that place human drama in a fantastic world. It may be difficult to envision your own fantasy world and the characters that will develop inside, but it’ll get easier with practice. Follow a few easy steps and your book and eventual series will have a fan base of its own.

Map it Out

You’ll need to map out the world and the people inside the world that you are going to create. You don't have to explain everything about this fantasy world, but make sure you mention things that are going to count later on. Just start writing about this world and treat it like a rough draft. Go through this draft and start compartmentalizing the ideas and take ones out that don’t have to be in there for the reader to understand the story. Include strong characters that are focused and ones that oppose them but never characters that are merely shells of real people. They can be fictional but they should have a reason for being in the story and a reason they are the way they are.

Love Moves People

The romance part of the fantasy world shouldn’t take up the majority of the storyline but it should be used as a plot vehicle. Love can make people do crazy things and it’s always a good way to carry a story out to the next scene. This shouldn’t be the only plot device though or it will become dull. The story should have a greater focus on real problems that are going on in their world. How these characters deal with circumstances is the part of the story that the reader is going to really care about while appreciating the romantic aspects as well. Maintain a good balance between the genres and you’ll have a plot that stays on everyone's mind.

Characters with Connections

Before you have the characters fall in love with each other, give the reader enough details so that they fall for them. By reinstating what makes these characters so unique you make the romance aspect much more enjoyable. Add in some personal details and use characteristics that you find admirable. Building strong characters to have a romance is the most difficult part of this genre but the most rewarding for the reader.

Cultivate the World

Romantic fantasy writing needs to be practiced to get the right feel for it but once you do you can keep writing novels for a long time. Build the characters up so that the reader understands the situation and then construct an altered reality that’s different but also shockingly similar to our reality. Getting all these ideas on paper also helps the process a ton since constructing a fantasy world isn’t always easy to just do. Follow these easy tips though and you’ll be on your way to a far off land with lovers torn apart by warring kingdoms or anywhere else you decide.

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