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October 8, 2013

Review: Always Watching by Chevy Stevens

Always Watching
I love Chevy Stevens's writing. My first experience with her writing was when I read Still Missing (read my review) and Chevy became one of my top favorite authors. I'm so glad I saw my friend's review for Always Watching (read her review).

Nadine is a psychiatrist who has her own issues. When a young woman is admitted to the psychiatric hospital works, she must face her own fears and perhaps find the missing pieces of her past. In an effort to help Heather, Nadine returns to a place she has blocked in her mind. She soon realizes that she must remember in order to save her own daughter.

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Always Watching is a another gripping tale. Seriously, once I started reading I couldn't put it down. I think it might have creeped me out more than Still Missing, or maybe in a different way. With Still Missing I was a bit scared because the abduction was something that could happen to me. In Always Watching, it was crazy of the world that freaked me out. 

Chevy Stevens's storytelling is so realistic - ripped from the headlines kind of story. Her characters are compelling. Even the secondary characters are well rounded and fleshed out. If you are looking for an absolutely great book to read, you must pick up Always Watching. I'm so glad to see that Stevens has another book out, Never Knowing. I don't know how I missed it and I'm so thankful I saw Jess's review of Always Watching.

Book Info:
Hardcover (342 pages)
Published June 2013 by St. Martin's Press
ISBN13: 9780312595692
Source: Library
Read: September 2013

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