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November 14, 2013

Calling in Sick

Girl Who Reads is more than a hobby or past-time. While it isn't quite a full-time job, there are many responsibilities that come with running a full-time blog. In many ways it is like running a small business. Like any other media outlets, I have deadlines and commitments to honor. Though as a sole-proprietor there is no staff to fill in when I get sick. Freelancers and other sole-proprietors are no strangers to what to do when you are sick.

Since blogging isn't what pays my bills, like many bloggers I have to prioritize what can be done and when it can be done. Throw in a illness and things get hectic. Though blogging may take a lower priority to say my day job when unwell, I can't just blow off my blog - especially when I'm scheduled for a tour or to host an author. How do I handle calling in sick?

Guest Posts - Three posts a week are from contributing writers. I love the authors and guests who get me their post a week or more in advance. I can schedule the posts in advance and should I wake up with a bug, I know my blog is good to go.

Back-up posts - Four posts a week, plus the afternoon ebook deal posts, I'm responsible for the content. When I have extra time (or a day off) I put together promo posts for books in my TBR pile. I contributed monthly posts to another blog for a little more than a year. That site has since closed and deleted all the content so I have those posts available also. And I've been thankful for those tips posts that I've been able to reblog the last few months.

Just don't post - This past Saturday my family celebrated Thanksgiving and then on Sunday it was a full day of church and church related meetings. Saturday and Sunday on my blog usually only consists of deal posts so that I get a little down time from the blog. However, the weekend was so crazy that I just didn't post. Do I want to make a habit of not posting? No, to keep traffic high I need to post regularly, but taking the weekend off didn't drastically reduce my weekly traffic stats. I recommend keeping a regular day or two a week as "low post" days. Block them out so you don't schedule blog tours, guest posts, book blasts, or any other commitments. If you still want to run something those days, then consider doing promo posts or other low stress features - ones that are okay if you miss them.

I've been dealing with an extended "illness" (for lack of a better word) since the end of July which leaves me feeling extremely fatigued at the end of most days. And as the holidays approach, I don't see the tiredness getting better. I know there will be days that I will want to "call in sick" yet I love my blog and don't want to see my hard work to go to waste. What tips do you have when you need to call in sick? 

Donna Huber is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the blogger behind Girl Who Reads and author of the how-to manual Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour.

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