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June 5, 2014

One Link that Directs to Amazon Worldwide

by Donna Huber

Do you like to link to Amazon US and UK or other Amazons around the globe? Do you want a concise way to post one link to Amazon that will automatically take your reader to the Amazon in their country? In today's short, but valuable tips post I share a cool link maker.

This is the site you want to bookmark:

Now instead of typing Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon France, etc. you can type Amazon (or whatever word you want to hyperlink to Amazon) and then use the SmartURL to hyperlink it to all the Amazons.

Remember you can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate in every country that offers the program.

On the SmartURL site you will set a default URL. If the visitor's country cannot be determined or is not part of the SmartURL you created, they will be directed to the default URL. I use the US Amazon as my default. Then you will will add the other countries you want to link it. I should warn you that it is a bit time consuming as you have to get each URL, but if you are an affiliate and have readers in other countries it might provide a new finance stream.

By the way it was easy to set up the affiliate accounts for Amazon EU once I did it for Amazon UK. I still need to set up Canada as I have several readers from there.

There you have the handy dandy tip for Thursday.

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  1. 1. NEVER add affiliate links to free e-books - it could cost you affiliate payments for paid books.
    2. Not only can you add affiliate tags but you can also add keywords to the links. Doing this increases the chance of a reader finding your books with a search at Amazon.