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June 3, 2014

Review: Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again by Simon Okill

by Claire Rees

Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again
Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Bigfoot?

In Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again, Simon Okill writes a delightful tale about the little town of ‘Beaver’ where a local teenager Duane keeps the police busy and the local tourist attractions alive by pretending to be a bigfoot and pulling silly pranks on tourists and the townspeople.

Behind all of these pranks Duane has been appointed the guardian of the forest by the Bigfoot elders. His job is to protect the forest and its animals but also to hide any evidence that the real Bigfoots live there.

And now with the reward for a picture of a real Bigfoot being put up, it makes Duane’s job even harder as the forest is now full of hunters and tourists looking for the picture to make them rich.

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When a local boy goes missing in the woods, the local police are called but the acting sheriff does not take it too serious as the boy pulls these kinds of disappearances a lot. When he has been missing a few days they have no choice but to call the FBI and once again Duane has to scramble to protect the Bigfoot community and their secret.

A wonderful cast of characters, Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again by Simon Okill was funny in places but I did start to worry when people were getting to close to the real Bigfoot.

I recommend this to all who love lighthearted books about mythical creatures.

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  1. Phantom Bigfoot is beyond overwhelmed, you have just been made Bigfoot Babe of the year, Claire. Great big bigfoot hugsnkisses.

  2. And hank you so much Donna for posting this marvellous review. You have made my day.