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December 31, 2013

Review: Coiled Snake by Katie Robison

Coiled Snake
I waited a VERY LONG time for the sequel to Downburst (see my review). I was afraid it may never come. When we left Kit she was in the hands of the ones she thought was the enemy having been declared a traitor to the people she was trying to help. In the fast paced adventure ending on a cliff (both literally and figuratively), I think all readers of the series let out a collectively sigh of relief when Coiled Snake hit the shelves - FINALLY!

Coiled Snake fast forwards a bit in time. Kit is still recovering from the injuries she sustained at the end of Downburst, but it clearly has been a few weeks as she is now in New Zealand. Just as she learned bits of her true identity while with the Yakone, now among the Ranji she learned even more about herself and her family. And as the saying going every coin has two sides and so does every story. What is the truth in the conflict between Yakone and Ranji. Are these two people groups so steeped in their own hatred that they are missing the greater threat?

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If you are hoping for answers to some of the bigger questions left open in Downburst, you aren't going to find them in Coiled Snake. If possible the waters have been made murkier. Like Kit, I'm confused about who the good guys and bad guys are (but in a good way that a series should leave you feeling when not yet complete). And now there is possibly a third player in the game, one whose tactics include "divided they shall fall" methods.

In this fictional world, Robison draws on many points of contention in our own world. As there isn't as much action in Coiled Snake, there is a lot of time for reflection and learning. Oh for sure danger and adventure lurk in the shadows, but it takes a backseat to the bigger picture. The battle between right and wrong is raging strongly, particularly within Kit. She befriended many of the Yakone, but the Ranji is family. Yet, as an outsider to both she may be in the unique position to see what the others are blinded to by their long-seeded hatred for one another.

This is an excellent young adult series. It has all the aspects that are drawing teens to books - strong female lead, plenty of action, a bit of the paranormal - and it tackles real issues that teens face - belonging, doing what is right, loyalty, them versus us mentality - without being preachy. I love that the series features native people groups. If you are needing a break from the dystopian and fantasy novels, but don't want to stray to far, then the Windstorm series is perfect for you.

Book info:
ebook and paperback (342 paperback)
Published November 2013 by Quill Books
ISBN13: 9780985046521
Source: Author
Read: December 2013

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