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January 12, 2014

Oscar Wilde Quote

I ran across this quote this week, but I'm not sure if I agree or not. I've read several books that I'm glad I read, but I wouldn't necessarily read again. What do you think?


  1. The best books aren't necessarily the ones I read more than once. I read the first Hunger Games twice. Bram Stoker's Dracula twice - maybe even three times. And Hotel Pastis by Peter Mayle I'm pretty sure I read more than once. It's great beach reading. And yes, those are all good books (Hunger Games and Dracula are really good) - I'm not implying otherwise. But I think the best books - the wow, this blows my mind books - are almost too much to read twice. I might read parts of them twice, but to go through that whole experience again - it's like reliving a turbulent love affair or something. I'm enormously glad for the experience, but some real time needs to pass before I'll be ready to go down that road again. :)

  2. Oscar tends to be right. We have books that we revisit sometimes after years. They tend to be the ones that tell more than just a story but offer an insight into the human condition. Poor Oscar, such a tragic end to a gifted but troubled life. We recently found a wonderful old postcard of him looking very young and dapper. The postcard and a bit about his final months (and humiliations) in France here