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January 14, 2014

Review: Nate Rocks the School by @KarenToz

Nate Rocks the School
I finally read my first Nate Rocks book. My niece read the first two and said they were great, even though they were about a boy. If you have kids stuck home because of the winter weather, you should definitely pick up this series. I'm sure it would entertain for hours.

Geared for kids in the 2nd to 5th grade, it is still fun for adults. So if you are a parent who either reads to their kids or reads what their kids are reading, then you will enjoy Nate Rocks the School just as much as your kids. Oh, and you don't have to read Nate Rocks the World and Nate Rocks the Boat to know what's going on in Nate Rocks the School. There is enough background on who is who to catch you up to speed pretty quickly.

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In this installment, Nathan Rockledge and his fifth grade class are raising funds for the class trip to New York City. They are having a to work a little harder than classes in the past as the Halloween event does not raise as much money as usual. This may or not be a result of Mrs. Rockledge's culinary skills. But never fear! Nate Rocks, Nathan's doodling alter ego, is on the job. Give this kid a piece of paper and a pencil and he is off on an adventure.

It is not surprising that Karen Pokras Toz is an award winning children's author. Her writing is excellent. Children books are difficult especially with all the competing interest these days for kids. Plus kids seem so much more sophisticated. Karen doesn't "write down" to her target audience. Yet her stories retain the innocence of childhood.

I know parents struggle with finding appropriate reading material for kids who read above their grade level. Parents do not need to worry with Nate Rocks the School. A great read for the whole family. So pick it up today and you will be all set for Nate's trip to New York City when Nate Rocks the City comes out in March.

Book Info:
ebook & paperback (125 pages)
Published March 2013 by Grand Daisy Press
ISBN13: 9780984860876
Source: author
Read: December 2013

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