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February 25, 2014

Review: Morgan Kane Without Mercy by Louis Masterson

Review by Donna Huber

Morgan Kane Without Mercy
I don't know what I was expecting when I picked up Morgan Kane: Without Mercy by Louis Masterson. Well that's not quite true. I was thinking it might be a little like Walker, Texas Ranger. Well, it was not anything like the television show starring Chuck Norris. It probably was more like the westerns Colonel Potter of the MASH 4077 was reading. As it turns out this is a digital re-release of the 1971 print copy.

I do not like westerns. I don't like them in movies (though The Shakiest Gun of West is one of my favorite movies - who doesn't love Don Knotts), and I don't like them in television (never could get into Bonanza), and now I know I don't like them in books either. Several times I considered not finishing the book (I had a couple of false starts before I powered through it). I couldn't imagine that 128 pages could take me so long to read. It dragged on and there were scenes that I didn't even know why they were there. It felt like they were just there to take up space. The end actually was pretty good. If Masterson had cut out some of the unnecessary scenes (particularly with the girl at the farm) then it could have been a good short story.

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Speaking of Linda... I have never read a more blatant instance of telling and not showing than the scenes with Linda. I couldn't really figure out why she was inserted into the story. To me, it is either further develop the character or cut her out of the story.

As a re-release book you would think the "ARC" would have been better edited. Quotation marks were thrown around the page all willy-nilly and other typos abounded. It was quite distracting and did little to help draw me into the story.

I really did not enjoy Morgan Kane: Without Mercy. Perhaps if I liked westerns it would be different or perhaps if the cast of characters were better developed and I could have connected to them, then I might have liked the book. But as is, I'm marking it as Not For Me.

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Published: December 2013 by WR Films Entertainment Group
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Read: February 2014

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  1. Linda Swift is actually significant character in later Morgan Kane books. Kane's upcoming wife and lover, who unfortunately killed by five ruthless outlaw. That happen Morgan Kane books of Return to action, to puplishing of corgi in the 70's