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March 27, 2014

Blogging To Do List

by Donna Huber

There are always things to be done around the blog. It might just be some sprucing up. Maybe you want to make some new graphics or need to update your review policy. There is an annual event (actually I think there is now a weekend in the spring and in the fall) that is focused on getting through your 'To Do' list. Bloggiesta is a great event. I participated a couple of years ago; I even hosted a mini-challenge during the event. So if you are having trouble getting the maintenance tasks done on your blog I would highly recommend joining in Bloggiesta this weekend. There are chats and games and lots of tutorials.

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I'm not joining in this weekend, but that does not mean I'm not working on my To Do list. I started on it last weekend. I updated my About and Review Policy pages to reflect Claire joining the Girl Who Reads team. There are a few more tweaks that need to be made to fully convert Girl Who Reads from "I" to "We".

I still need to get through my backlog of reviews to write. I read a bunch of books while on vacation in December and then in February I spent a week iced in. I'm close to catching up. I was spacing them out to make sure I had at least one review to post a week. Now that I have a review partner, and she happens to be a quick reader, I'm not as concerned so I've been catching up. I only have 4 more to write! Then I will need to get to reading.

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I've also been trying to create tweets for older posts that still get a lot of attention. Last month I was able to create 30 tweets that I rotated through my feed through out the month. It really has tested my ability to come up with alternative titles for posts, but at the same time it has been really fun trying to figure out what catches people's eye.

Also, since we are approaching the end of the month it is time to back up the blog. I don't do it as faithfully as I should. Just this morning, I saw a Facebook status from an author who lost their homepage and nothing was backed up. I have almost 1100 posts. No way do I want to lose all that content.

For those participating this weekend in Bloggiesta: Good Luck! I hope everyone accomplishes much.

Donna Huber is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the blogger behind Girl Who Reads and author of the how-to manual Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour.


  1. Something I hadn't thought of - backing up my blog. Do you have a post on that? Thanks! Donna