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March 24, 2014

Review: Three by Kristen Simmons

Review by Donna Huber

After reading books 2 and 1 (yes, I read the series out of order), I wondered how I would like Three by Kristen Simmons. I was intrigued by the world Simmons had created, yet the story itself left me kind of iffy about the whole series. You may remember in my series review of Article 5 and Breaking Point that I was not anxiously waiting for book 3, but I did want to see how things played out.

I thought that the pacing for Three was better than the first two books. There didn't seem to be as much of the repetitiveness that was in Breaking Point. The writing and story development was better in this book. I wonder if the entire story could have actually been contained in one book.

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If you have read The Hunger Games series, then you will see many parallels. A young girl is caught up in something much bigger than herself, and she doesn't even care about the "bigger picture". All she cares about is making sure her loved ones are safe. Unfortunately, she's too late for one, but she can honor her mother's memory.

I was not thrilled with the ending. Loose threads got tidied up in the end and even a few characters got their happy ever afters. And if all you are concerned with is micro-level of the story (the individual characters' stories) then you will be satisfied. But if you are more interested with the macro-level, how society fared, then you might be a bit disappointed. I was. I kind of felt the same way with how Mockingjay ended. I worry about our youth becoming apathetic to anything outside their very small world. And if the stories they read make it seem okay then I fear the dystopian societies in fiction will become reality.

If you are just looking for entertainment, then Kristen Simmons's Article 5 series will provide it.

Book info:
ebook and hardcover (384 pages)
Published February 2014 by Tor Teen
ISBN13: 9780765329608
Source: Netgalley
Read: February 2014

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