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April 11, 2014

Character Interview with Nathan from Nate Rocks the City by @KarenToz

Welcome Nathan! So I see you finally had a chance to visit New York City! How was it?

It totally rocked, of course! First of all, I got to go with my two best friends, Tommy and Sam, which was awesome – yeah that know-it-all Lisa Crane came along, not to mention my annoying older sister Abby, and my own mom volunteered as class chaperone. UGH.  But you know what? In the end, none of that even mattered, because I had such a GREAT time!

I’m so glad. There’s a lot to see in New York. What were some of the places you went to?

Nate Rocks the City
Oh my gosh – there was so much to see! We were only there four days, but Mrs. Cogin – she’s our teacher – she managed to squeeze in a lot of stuff. Let’s see. We went to the zoo in Central Park where we saw the ninja birds, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where I learned that Lisa Crane is NOT related to Ichabod Crane like she always likes to tell everyone, the Metropolitan Museum of Art which was WAY cool, Times Square – where everything is super-sized, and my personal favorite – Yankee Stadium.

Wow! You did see a lot of stuff. So I have to ask – did you ride the subway?

Yeah. It was crowded and stinky. Not a highlight of the trip.

So other than the things mentions – were there any other highlights of the trip?

 Oh yeah – the FOOD was amazing! I’m not even joking! I seriously could have skipped the sightseeing and just eaten 24/7. Of course, you have to live in my house back home and eat my mom’s cooking everyday to understand why. It’s not good (and by not good, I mean it’s downright awful) - - you’re not going to print that part are you?

Hey this was fun! Thanks for having me on your blog today!

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