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May 17, 2014

Series Saturday: The Darkness Trilogy Books 1 and 2 by @AGPorter1

by Claire Rees

The Shadow
In book 1 of A. G. Porter's The Darkness Trilogy, Rayna is looking for a summer job to help her to pay towards college but ends up getting and internship at a golf resort called ‘The Landing’.  She is enjoying the job and meets a few new friends. She soon starts to have terrifying dreams about girls who have been kidnapped by somebody she calls the shadow that are so realistic they make her physically sick and start affecting her sleep. Even with all this going on Rayna manages to capture the hearts of two gorgeous rich guys and falls in love with one of them, although the relationship may prove deadly for one of them.  After watching the news about the recent kidnapping and the discovery of a body Rayna realises that her terrifying dreams are actually becoming true, and the worst bit is she believes that one of her new friends is mixed up in all of this madness and may become the next target.

Will Rayna be able to save her friend before it is too late?

She starts to send the police anonymous recordings through a friend of a friend but does not have enough information to give them a good lead.  After Rayna and her friend get attacked and leaves Rayna in hospital and her friend missing she now has to rely on her ‘gift’ once again to help her. Drawing in extra strength to guide her Rayna goes on a mission alone to save her friend from the hands of ‘The Shadow’.

The Shadow by A. G. Porter has many twists and turns. It was chilling in parts and left me scared to go to sleep. The Shadow is terrifying and seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Rayna. It is a very good book for young adults who like the paranormal and scary reads. It is the first book of a three part series.

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The Forsaken
The second book, The Forsaken,  takes off around six months after the first one ends, with Rayna returning back to school after her recovering from her terrifying attack by followers of ‘The Shadow’. Rayna discovers that her powers are growing incredibly strong and this makes it even harder to return to her old life. When a new guy starts to hang around Rayna and her friends, Leslie and Sarah, but she cannot get a read on him, Rayna starts to become suspicious and enrolls the help of her other friends to help her look into him.

We also get to read the story from the viewpoint of Liam and Jayce and one of them is also getting powers.

Rayna once again has to overcome her own fears in order to save her friends from ‘The Shadow’ who comes too close for comfort in this book.  The shadow tries all ways in this book to alienate Rayna from her friends and family in the hopes that she will turn to him and join his ranks. He very nearly succeeds and Rayna once again finds herself in a terrible accident where she could have lost her life.

I found book number two to be much darker than the first and much more scary as Rayna comes face to face with ‘The Shadow’. This time though she is not alone and draws strength from the friends she is trying so hard to protect. If you have read book one and are not sure whether to read book two, please buy it – you will not be disappointed. I was very much engrossed in The Forsaken by A. G. Porter and finished it in a matter of days. For young adults and adults who like the paranormal/romance with nightmarish twists.

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Book Info:
format: ebook & paperback
published: December 2012 (book 1), February 2014 (book 2)
source: Author
read: April 2014

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