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July 8, 2014

Review: Gabby, Angel of God by @GregSandora

by Claire Rees

Gabby Angel of God
Come meet Gabby, a beautiful angel sent to earth by God to help good people out of bad situations, and Bo, a grieving widow with two kids left to take care of, after the death of his wife.

Gabby is sent by God to help Bo to start living his life again and start looking towards the future and planning ahead instead of living day by day, not really going anywhere or doing anything. She shows Bo that he is special and can really help people if he tried.

They quickly become good friends with Bo becoming enamoured with Gabby and the two get into all sorts of sticky situations that are both funny and sometimes scary.

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There are many touching moments where Gabby tries to help Bo to move on after losing his wife and it is very easy to like the characters and empathise with them.

In Gabby, Angel of God,  we get to see humanity at its best, with Gabby and Bo helping those in trouble and danger. But we also get to see humanity at its lowest, a scary insight into how a kidnapper thinks or a demon trying to trick people into giving up their souls.

I really enjoyed this book, reading about the different angelic beings and the demons they have to face. It was really interesting to read Greg Sandora's views on how heaven works and how hell's demons actually work with humans.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a heart warming story with a bit of paranormal romance and action, including angels and demons.

Book Info
ebook & paperback
Published: February 2014
ISBN13: 978-1496045867
Source: Author
Read: June 2014

Claire Rees lives in a small village in the South Wales Valleys, UK with her husband, two kids and five snakes. She will hopefully be starting an English literature course this September. She has always loved reading books. Her favorite genres are horror, mystery and fantasy, although if the story line is good she'll read anything. Connect with Claire on Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for being part of the tour and for taking time to read and review

  2. Claire, I loved your kind and thoughtful review of Gabby, Angel of God. Would you be willing to place your review on Amazon, that way the multitudes could read your wonderful words. Thanks for hosting me today, Greg