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July 12, 2014

Ty the Bull - How it started

by Brenda Perlin

Ty the Bull
Ty The Bull is a story that has been fictionalized but is based on the true life events of an average ten year old boy from Orange County California. This boy has had to endure bullies around every corner and to make matters worse he is dealing with his parents divorce. Things fall apart for him and he feels like he is alone and misunderstood. It's not until he meets this unsuspecting character that he finds new hope for a better future.

Ty the Bull is a story of inspiration. A child dealing with judgment of others needs to know that it doesn’t matter what others say. You are not alone and just they are saying mean things it doesn’t mean it is true.

I started writing this story when I was witnessing what this boy, Rex was enduring on a daily basis. Kids at school were devaluing him for no other reason than his name was funny, or he wore his hair the way he liked. These kids would have looked for anything to go after his self-worth.

Looking at him I couldn’t understand how the other kids would choose to pick on him. He is a good looking boy who is smart and has personality. Somehow that wasn’t enough.

Things got worse for Rex when his parents pulled the plug on their marriage and his safe, predictable family life changed in an instant.

Now he had to become strong without having the tools to pick up the pieces. Through the writing of this book I believe Rex has become empowered. He has seen that if you work hard for something it pays off in more ways than one. He now knows that fighting is wrong and doesn’t solve the problem. Learning to outsmart the bullies has been a real eye opener. Keep them guessing is what he has learned to do. There is no reason their story can’t be heard. This is why we started Rex’s blog, we hope others will visit and share their stories. No child should ever have to feel alone.

This story was a labor of love. Written by Kim Mutch Emerson, Rex Baughman and myself. Rex’s does the illustrations.

Ty the Bull is now available. Today (July 12) is the launch party where you can win prizes and Rex’s rubber-band no bullies bracelets. Join us TODAY on Facebook at 11 am PDT.

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  1. You made a beautiful page for Ty the Bull. Thank you for your ongoing support and kindness.