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August 18, 2014

10 Questions with @AuthorReneeJean

by Heather Kirchhoff

What made you decide to start writing? Was this something you always thought you’d do?
I began writing when I was 7. In the second grade I borrowed a poetry book from my school library. I read a poem that I was able to visualize perfectly. I wanted to give someone that same thing. I wanted people to open up a book and take a journey with me being able to see what I saw as I wrote it. 

I knew it would always be a hobby and as a lover of performance art I never missed a chance to get up in front of the class and read my latest creation. I considered doing it professionally a few times but it wasn’t until I was 20 that I found my voice and discovered a story inside me so pressing I know I had to get it published. Now that I have started the journey there is no turning back. 

How do you come up with your characters or story ideas?
I find ideas all around me. Never Give Up and Sharing Strength are emotional looks inside psychological aspects of my own life. I have fought past injuries as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. I want to hopefully reach people that may feel like they need a friend and let them know I understand. I also hope to draw awareness to these situations among people that may not currently understand. 

How do you get inspired to write?
I seem to get inspired most often when I am in the middle of doing something else. I came up with an idea while I was at work and had to tell myself the story idea over and over until I could get home to write it down. Another time I created an entire series while driving between the Grand Canyon and home in Las Vegas. 

What do you do while having writers block?
I try to be as active as possible, especially when I cannot concentrate. I run and bike around town as well as go to the gym to try new classes. I am also a huge fan of movies, pools and of course catching up on my reading. 

Never Give Up
What kind of stories do you write?
I write mostly contemporary drama although the series I will be working on next has a fantasy twist. I also have a charity anthology in the works and have been developing a children’s series aimed at children between four and nine. 

Who’s your favorite author(s)?
I will read anything that catches my eye but I have to say R.L. Stine, Stephen King and Terry Pratchet are my go to authors when I need something I know I can count on for a good read. 

How long have you been writing?
I wrote my first poem twenty four years ago. I began doing short stories around seventeen years ago and I wrote my first full length novel about five years ago so it has been quite the progression for me.

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What are your stories about?
I have a story called Breathe currently being edited that is a romance novel about a young woman the plans a bank robbery but then gets double crossed by a man she thought she could trust. 

Sharing Strength is the story of five support group members for PTSD and tells their stories and how they form their own family unit, an emotional roller coaster for sure. 

The Syn series is my fantasy twist and follows a family of sister witches as they seek revenge for their mother set during the Salem Witch Trials. 

My Children’s series is still expanding but currently encompasses travel ideas through the states for younger children. 

What are you currently working on?
Sharing Strength is my largest focus right now because I believe is has a message that needs to get out there and this is a good time in society to bring it to light. 

What do you do when not writing?
I love to go check out the local pool parties and go to the water park. I work around my house fixing it up because I love to be hands on with projects. I ride my bike although in the heat of summer that can be difficult. I also love spending time camping and traveling with my incredibly supportive boyfriend. 

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Staff interviewer Heather lives in a small town in Missouri. She became a bookworm back in sixth grade when her teacher suggested the Phantom Stallion series by Terri Farley and instantly fell in love. She loves reading paranormal stories, plus some love ones here and there. Writing is her passion-it helps her escape the world for a while, as well as reading-she doesn’t know what she’d do without it. She just loves it. When she isn’t writing, Heather is doing odd jobs, reading, taking walks, or spending time with her boyfriend and animals/family. Richelle Mead, Alyson Noel, and Stephenie Meyer inspired her to write. Connect with Heather on Facebook and Twitter.

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