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August 20, 2014

Review: Exposing the Psalms by Peter Nevland

by Donna Huber

Exposing the Psalms
When I find myself neglecting my daily Bible study, I often turn to the Psalms. When I was on Netgalley I noticed this book, Exposing the Psalms, and thought it might make an interesting read. Peter Nevland took a more creative approach than most of the commentaries that I typically read. It was a refreshing change and Nevland's insight gave much to think about.

I do recommend using Exposing the Psalms as a daily devotional as opposed as a recreational read. I found that there was much to ruminate on with each chapter, which features one Psalm, and when I tried to read more than a chapter in a sitting that I had too much to think on and missed out on the deeper thoughts Nevland provoked.

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When I read books like this, I always want to know if it can be translated into a group Bible study. I used the material twice in my Sunday morning Bible study. I think it would have been better if the other members were also reading the book. Also Nevland makes reference to other Biblical passages without providing the reference so that made it difficult in preparing for the discussion. I found that I needed to more research while preparing the lesson. But the class enjoyed the topic and we did learn a knew tidbit about the Psalms.

In most commentaries, the Greek is well explained for New Testament passages, but I don't find as much detail is given for Hebrew in the Old Testament. I really liked that Nevland explored language and usage. And the tidbit we learned - in Hebrew there are 7 words that translate to the English word praise. I think the explanations of Hebrew words and poetry conventions added a depth to the Psalms that I had previously missed when study them.

Perhaps the only thing that really detracted from the book was the format. I think I would have much preferred it to be in paperback as I read it as an ebook. I'm glad to see that it is now also available in paperback.

If you are looking for something to accompany your daily personal Bible study without it being too scholarly or feel like textbook, then Exposing the Psalms by Peter Nevland is for you. But don't think just because I said it wasn't "too scholarly" that it is a fluff read. No, you will definitely be challenged and your understanding of the Psalms will be enhanced.

Book info:
Published March 2014 by Authentic Media
ISBN13: 9781860249037
Source: Netgalley
Read: April - July 2014

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  1. I often enjoy books like these that add more depth and understanding. I'm glad I stopped here today.