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September 2, 2014

Review: I Dream of Zombies by @VickieJohnstone

by Claire Rees

I Dream of Zombies
I Dream of Zombies by Vickie Johnstone follows two sisters, Marla and Ellen as they try to survive the end of the world, lost to a mysterious and deadly virus. The girls find themselves haunted by terrifying dreams about the walking dead that seem too real. When the dreams start to come true, the sisters try to find help and a safe haven. Even though nobody seems to be able to tell them what has happened and they are not sure if their “safe haven” has been overrun the sisters fight on showing amazing strength and courage. Along the way the sisters meet up with other nice survivors and they bad together in this new harsh and unforgiving world.

I Dream of Zombies is packed full of action. The walking dead are not the only scary things our group of survivors have to hide from; there is a group of savage humans who would love nothing more than to capture the girls and the other survivors to use them as slaves and other horrible unimaginable things. The characters are lovable and with some touching moments between the two sisters and the other members of their group, they will worm their way into your hearts and it is very easy to identify with their feelings both before and after the apocalypse.

I would recommend Vickie Johnstone's I Dream of Zombies to anyone who likes zombie/apocalypse books, but also to those who enjoy good story that is full of horror, suspense, action, touching, light humoured moments.

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Book info:
ebook & paperback (386 pages)
Published October 2013 by Vickie Johnstone
ISBN13: 9781496011473
Source: Author
Read: August 2014

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