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February 17, 2015

Review: The Oath of Nimrod By David S. Brody

by Claire Rees

The Oath of Nimrod

Cameron Thorne exhaled. He never should have agreed to participate in this conference. A couple hundred conspiracy theorists fueling each other's paranoia at a hotel in central Massachusetts over a mid-winter weekend. Even Amanda had taken a pass. "Astarte is in desperate need of new socks," she said, kissing him on the nose. "But you have fun. And don't let them convince you that aliens built the pyramids."

Cameron Thorne and his fiancée Amanda have discovered a race of North American Giants and some other discrepancies that could change American history forever. As they dig deeper and deeper they find themselves in more danger, especially Cam who gets kidnapped and ends up with a broken finger. They are not sure who they can trust and who they cannot. Then enters Randall Sid a former FBI agent claiming that he wants to help Cam and Amanda. Mind- control, brainwashing and cover up by the American government were all part of the day job for Randall Sid and he warns cam of a secret project called MK-ULTRA where the government try to discredit historians and other people to get the public to believe what they want them to believe. But will he be able to keep Cam, Amanda and their daughter Astarte safe or will it go even higher than him. This is the question I kept asking myself.

The conspiracy theories in The Oath of Nimrod  are really well written and it does make you think what governments may or may not be hiding. Also as with all good cover ups it includes the Freemason which is a subject that fascinates me. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good cover up story full of lies and kidnapping, even murder. The ending was really great and I felt that it fitted the story well. It was also really good that with the artifacts the book mentions it had pictures of them which is great as a visual aid and seems to make it more real for me as the reader. Even though this is book four in the series you will not have to have read the first three books in order to enjoy this one.

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Book info
Available formats: ebook and print (308 pages)
Published: September 2014 by Eyes That See
ISBN13: 978-0990741305
Genres: fantasy, suspense
Read: February 2014

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