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March 31, 2015

Review: King Callie by B. Lynch

by Claire Rees

King Callie
King Rionn is dying and the castle are scrambling to find a cure. If he dies then the queen and the children lose their titles and will be forced to move.  Valric leaves on a quest to find a special flower he has been told will cure his father but not all goes to plan.  The next king will be the person who is able to put together and handle a special axe, the peacebringer, as if it is as light as a feather and even though it has been done this way for centuries there is to be a huge battle for power and many lives will be lost.

King Rionn and his wife wife Queen Sophine. The king is gravely ill and does not have long left to live. Queen Sophine, the loving, doting wife, always the lady.

Their children Valric who is hotheaded, angry and violent and doesn’t think before he acts and this often gets him into trouble.

Eliya is calm and sensible and currently betrothed to prince from another place.

Finally Caliandra, has been heartbroken by her betrothed and with her father dying she is struggling to remain calm and lady like. She is very stubborn and often gains the disapproval of her mother.

Royth, the palace seer who has true visions.

Kells the captain of the guard, a strong loyal fighter whose wife Ostre has a wandering eye.

Marrol The kings best friend and a minister.

What I Loved 
The writing style is very descriptive and I enjoyed the ‘feel’ of what it would be like to live in these times. I enjoyed the storyline and was intrigued by the lengths some of the characters would go to to gain power. My favourite bit would be the strength of the female characters. Even in the face of danger they held their heads up high and never let their strength waiver.

Teen and YA, Science fiction/Fantasy

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Book info:
available formats: ebook
published: April 2015 by Naeb's Coil Press
genre: fantasy
audience: young adult
source: author
read: March 2015

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