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May 12, 2015

Review: Phoenix Rising by Elise Faber

by Claire Rees

Phoenix Rising
"Sorry, Lady!" The apology accompanied the collision, but the force of the impact wasn't what threatened to take Daughtry to her knees.
She would have cursed had she been able, because she'd broken her first rule of survival: always look down.
The little girl and her mother walked on, the brief moment of contact meaning nothing to them and everything to her.
Purple sparks that only she could see burst from her palms, clouding her vision. Nausea burned the back of her throat, and her legs went rubbery.

The Review

Daughtry's life falls apart two days before her wedding day when her fiancĂ© leaves her. At this point she also gains the ability to see a person's death the moment she touches them. It makes it impossible to have any personal relationships and she ends up depressed and turning to alcohol to ease her pain and worries. She feels her life is over. However, when she has hit rock bottom she bumps into  John, an old friend from her life before. He comes back into her life and just at the right time. That night she is attacked by a group called the 'Dalshie' the bad guys and complete opposites of John and his people the 'LexTals'. They take Daughtry into their society and try to protect her and teach her how to control her powers. Whilst there she meets and falls in love with the gorgeous and sexy Cody. Their magic bonds and becomes stronger than ever until Daughtry is kidnapped by the 'Delshie'. Cody and his fellow LexTals rush to save her in time as their connection is weakening. But finds that he has been betrayed by somebody that should be caring for him instead of hurting him.

Phoenix Rising by Elise Faber is fast paced with lots of action. The magic powers of the characters in the book were interesting and I liked that each person had different skills of magic.

The love story between Daughtry and Cody is a complicated but wonderful one and as a reader I got swept up in their story. I would recommend Phoenix Rising to anyone who likes romance mixed with magic and a dash of action.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (344 pages)
published: October 2014 by Blue Tulip Publishing
ISBN13: 9781502701251
genres: fantasy, romance
read: April 2015

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  1. Interesting premise ... I'm not quite sure it's for me but hope you are enjoying it.

    I'm playing today at Beth Fish Reads

  2. MIght have to continue for the purple sparks alone. LOL


  3. This one sounds amazing...but I would definitely have to be in the right mood for it. Thanks for sharing...and here's mine: “BITTERSWEET”

  4. I have a hard time getting into books where characters possess magical powers, but this sounds like a good story. Sounds like an unusual premise too.
    My Tuesday post features THE OTHER SIDE OF HEARTACHE.

  5. I'm not overly fond of magic powers but it looks like it got your stamp of approval. Here is my Tuesday post

  6. I don't do fantasy, but hope that you enjoy it

  7. Doesn't appeal to me just from the opener, unfortunately. Happy reading though!

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