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July 10, 2015

Review: The Journey of the Marked by Rebecca P. McCray

by Claire Rees

The Journey of the Marked
The 56

The Girl, The death - it was all a dream. He had dreamed before of Graelith attacks, though they never felt this real, this close. He shut his eyes and hoped that such dreams would plague him no more that night.

The Review

The Journey of the Marked by Rebecca P. McCray follows five children each of a different race,  a Human, an Arlian, a Krystic, a Liput and a Plinte. All from different places and backgrounds but all marked on their 16th birthdays. The Mark shows up behind their ear and indicates that these are the chosen ones. Once marked they are to make their way to the city of Caldot and then make their way to the special training camp set up by Lady Anyamae. But the marked ones face extreme danger traveling through the city and through the forest to get to the training camp. They are ruthlessly hunted by the Turnotts who's leader is trying to take over the land from Lady Anyamae and the Graeliths who work with the Turnotts. Eros is a human boy and joins together with five others, each making their way towards the special training camp. Alone they may not make it, but together they make a great team. Each with their own strengths, Eros is a human boy but the further into the journey they get the more skills he starts to show and he begins to wonder who and what species his father was. They meet many interesting people and creatures along the way, some friendly and others that turn into enemies.

The story was good and I enjoyed learning about all of the different species that inhabit the planet, what they look like and where they live. I also enjoyed the mystery of the marked, why they were chosen and why all at the same time.

The ending was fitting and I would like to read the next book to see how far the characters really get.

I received The Journey of the Marked as part of a prize in a competition and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can recommend it to those who enjoy fantasy, with adventure and a little mystery.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (342 pages
published: March 2014
ISBN13: 9781495336171
genres: dystopian, coming of age, science fiction
audience: young adult
source: prize
read: June 2015

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  1. Sounds like there is more to this dream than meets the eye. Happy reading and have a great weekend.

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  3. Makes me think it might be more than a dream. Maybe a premonition of something to cime. Sounds like a lot of action too.
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  4. Sounds promising!! Happy weekend!